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can anyone help with my PS3?

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My cousin is going to sleep over tonight and he brought his PS3 so that we can pwn some zombies, but when we tried to plug in the HDMI plug into my TV, we get no results. Just a weird screen that has 3 shades of black (if black even has shades). We tried to hold down the PS3 for 2 beeps, but that did nothing. Is there anything else that we can do?
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Do you play PS3 with regular AV cables? I think you have to switch your tv input (button on remote somewhere) to HDMI when you plug in your ps3.

blkitr said:
Are you on the right TV setting? Sometimes you have to switch channels back and forth. That is what I had to do for my Sony. I had to go change from video 6 (HDMI) back to basic TV(channels) then back to video 6. Good luck.

Might have to use av cables to switch your ps3 to hdmi video and audio output but I don't think that's necessary since he has an hdmi cable so he probably already has his ps3 set
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