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Never ask; Never question

get with the modern
buy something that points a camera at you
what is this device I am using?
a forum that we socialize and find it all amusing
some of us don't care, some of us complain
don't speak your mind out, some will think you're insane!
some throw beats and lyrics out hoping for some fame
they spread ideas out like arms, asking people for some change
in the end, the message is the same
because they put a cap on us to rarely use our brain

symbols spread out like a disease
call it fake, call it bullsh^t to make us think
such thing wouldn't get promoted on what you listen too
how they know so much?
are we listening to conscious, or what they call conscious?
where's the food for the soul?
God tell me why these kids are starving
Why am I needing to know all this relentless knowledge?
I'm not here to plant a seed on you, i just want peoples minds to sprout
grow, with no ego to play a role and steal the show
understand where I'm going, and if you don't then let it go

stars must be bored, because they keep us entertained
fill us up with guilt, and make us drown in shame
some pump you up, the next fool will get shot
population control, is narrowed down to every block
violence can spread and catch before you reach the stop
before you try to think, and by that time your probably in locks
hold you humble, as we grow up in a concrete jungle
I say I got my mind straight, but my soul still stumbles
I feel the control like I feel it rumble
Call it what you want, these are some words I'll just fumble
sync the music to your brain like liquid flowing down the funnel

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