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hot pancakes🔮 said:
dope night

lost my wallet the night before :jordancry:
found out wegmans can do cash back w apple pay :banderas:

got to show and I remember everyone was freaking out cause staff was lowkey saying there was an issue with the set :cryfam:

finally got in :fire:

ye came out :obamahhh:

he looked at me and turned up because I was the only one in my row going fucking nuts :hhh: (multiple people noticed this, not just me stanning lol)

after got some merch

took the reddy bikes home

got some chicken fingers from jims

top 10 nights of my life
jims  :obamahhh: i remember everyone freakin out abt that shit too lmao. best concert ive ever been to til this day buffalo fam stand up
981 - 981 of 981 Posts