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In light of the  Japandroids dropping their latest bro-rock anthem, I thought it would be cool to dedicate this thread to some of the greatest moments in bro-rock history. Post essential bro-rock albums, songs, bands etc.


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PhilD presents: My most important Bro-Rock Bands

What qualifies a band to be a Bro-Rock Band?

First and foremost, you must feel this feeling of blissful bromance while listening to it and the striking urgency to go out and drink with your best bros till your stomach turns and your brain can`t comprehend anything anymore except the love for your bros.

The Original Bro-Rock Band:

The Story-Telling Bro-Rock Band:

The hymnic Bro-Rock Band:

The evil Bro-Rock Band:

The screamy Bro-Rocl Band:

Please feel free to name other essential bro-rock bands.
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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