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Sick as shit, super fly
Chipped tooth, hazel eyes, where he from? Bang of kok
Fuck you, gang or not, Brainfeeder we alive
(P-H) we unite, *******, I see you not
Cars I can see you drive, stories I see you plot
Game? I'mma see her box, you? You see her watch (Watch?)
Cause she's always tryna leave
She's like "*****, chill the fuck out, why don't you just let me breathe?
I just wanna ho, I just wanna be a skeeze
I just want a couple thousand Gs but only on the breeze
Cause I been reading Zane and they got me horny
Cause this is the life for me"
While women do that *****, I'mma divide chips
Probably take over the universe with my dick
And I can see the secrets through my eyelids
Even if they closed, ***** fuck it though
A language that these people will never know
A plant from the fucking ground you could never grow
But *****, you best pick up your phone
Cause you don't wanna be here when the world's gone :banderas:
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