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bored and want to download albums/mixtapes

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any suggestions p.s. im on my 5th wtt listen.....today sooooooooooo no wtt lol anyways any suggestions
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Whatcha want? Trap, lyrical, beats?
Blu - Below The Heavens
Kendrick Lamar - O.D. & Section.80
Fashawn - Boy Meets World

AZ - Doe or Die
Garrett2391 said:
lyrical more like j cole jay z but i got all there stuff so jus ppl like that mainly like cole
He's good at rapping. I like the album even tho I dislike Exile's production.

Common's Resurrection is pretty lyrical.
If you like storytelling get Scarface's 3rd album
Liquid Swords too
Wale's 08 mixtape is classic
Lupe's 2nd mixtape and 2 albums
Outkast's 3rd is cool too
Don't sleep on Curren$y. Dude is getting better lyrically every album
Jay Elec
That dude in Slum Village. Can't spell his name. Elhzi(butchered)

That's all I got. I mostly listen to southern music *Shrug*
Garrett2391 said:
is fashawn nice i never gave him a shot everyone else has a spot on the ippd as we speak lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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