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Jaylen, Bdone, M-Trey, CJ, And Fifth put out the best projects to ever be released on kLive.
I'm going to put out the best project to ever come OUT ON KTT
I'm doing one last mixtape before PinkElephants
and it's going to be the dopest mixtape you have ever heard
single coming REALLLLLLLL SOON.
Mixtape is due December15th. 
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I C compettiton lol Second Bold Statement: I(D-Genius) WILL HAVE THE BEST MIXTAPE TO RELEASE ON KTT.!!

lol joining the fun
dgenius.bandcamp.com ...Mixtape December 3rd!!
Luque said:
Music over words ...
going for a tech vibe?
BcB said:
thanks yall
it shall.!!

Kevin Abstract said:
I just felt like saying it, since all the tracks I've been making are crazy.
But alright guys, we shall see who has the best tape.. ever released on ktt..
shall be epic
BcB said:
thanks yall
it got me vibing bro lol
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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