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got this Idea from Mr. Yeezy.

10. Justin Bieber- Under the Mistletoe

Christmas Music plus Bieber. For me it's like this album was geared towards crap.

9. LuLu by Metallica and Lou Reed

after hearing this I was like wtf did i just hear. I usually don't agree with Pitchfork but they got this one spot on.

8. My World 2.0 by Justin Bieber

7. I'm Gay by Lil B

So when this came out some people on KTT were hyping it up to be some great stuff, i listened to it and well yeah it sucked to me.

6. Dark horse by Nickleback

Worst album by such a generic and overrated band

5. Gold Cobra by Limp Bizkit

4. Pink Friday Roman Reloaded by Nikki Minaj

3. Pink Friday by Nikki Minaj

worst rapper of all time IMO

2. The Unquestionable Truth part 1 by Limp Bizkit

1. Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water by Limp Bizkit
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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