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check out the blessins,
we gettin the packs, we flippin them back
this is the section
ta get ya connections,
them digits is crack,
I'm buildin a brand,
they feelin the plan,
i really done did it,
I'm killin the tracks, 
I live uncontested
I get ya possessions,
come thru my hood
don't slip unexpected,
my clips got extensions
I lift it up fast,
this distance, I blast,
don't live with regrets, n,
shit from the past,
don't come thru my hood
this isn't a pass,
kobe like,

hittin the baskets,
this isn't practice,
I'm in the game
til I get to the rafters,

they ask who I am
just say a disaster,

I have ta, max the, maximum,
and they act, but can't, be fast as him,

you better react
for you sleep where u at,

follow your mind,
be what you are
don't follow the times,
take to the skies
put sorrows aside,
shake off demise,
you are you who are,
I am a star,
get chased on the side,
these bitches they want it,
I lay for a night,
call em and tell em
L.A. for tonight,
I'll be here waitin,
just take the first flight
I get impatient
so make sure its right,
dont get left with the second
or third or the fourth,
and I'll give you your blessins
when you get to the door,

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