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Now is your chance to become a member of the most exclusive, most coveted gaming tracker ever.  :wom:
BLACKCATS-GAMES.net - regs said:
Just wanted to create this announcement and inform all of you that we now have a new IRC channel, #Invites!  This channel is reserved for staff only and is obviously very new and something we haven't done for a long time but we are openly inviting non-members to join that channel for a possible account.  They will have to answer a few questions (nothing drastic) and maybe a question or two about their gaming habits in general.  So if you know anyone who wants an account or has been seeking an account here, or even if they just like playing games and want to join a great community, I invite all of you to let them know about our new IRC channel in hopes of becoming a member!

BC IRC server address: www.blackcats-games.net:6667
Then join channel: #Invites! for an interview.

...I have no more invites to give, so please don't PM me.
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