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Bill Maher!!!

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i love how he unconditionally jerks dumb people around
The Hoover girl was fucking hot! she's alright... but that gypsy dude pissed me off! such a little shit he is... Bill is not really a parlamental guy, but you can't beat them with easy tactics... his last speech last friday was great i think...
ktothe2 said:
luv it. not enough non-religious people on TV giving THEIR pov of how they see the world, ESPECIALLY when it comes to politics which is bombarded with religious bullshit. (and I'm not even an atheist!)

She and the Tea Partier girl from the previous episode were hot, which begs the question, "Should I start talking to more conservative woman?"....fuck it, not worth it.

but his Brett Favre speech was spot on.
new rule: it's okay to date a conservative idiot if she's hot... i mean let's face it... most women are dumb... a girl with brains is a prize, but a girl with both brains and looks is sci-fi... so when Hoover chick speaks you pay no attention, smile and later that eve everybody wins...
also did you realize how Bill never pays any attention to conservatives in his show... he calls them just to mock them, like this dumb fuck

the main evidence they are stupid is that they accept his invitation at first place
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1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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