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So I intern for FOS. My brother started this blog/website back in the klive days.

Apparently my brother is a "BIGkid" now: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=400162149994980&set=a.263559810321882.73765.262606460417217&type=1


Anyways, check out the interview!


Hello BIGkids! How are you doing today?
we r rocking thank you. sun is shining in London tarn

Can you please introduce yourselves.
Hello there! we are Ben and Rosie.

What were your musical backgrounds?
Ben Hudson: I started my musical journey at 11 years of age playing drums in a Heavy Metal band called Universal Justice. I shaved my head to look hard but ended up looking like a fluffy duckling.
Rosie Oddie: I’ve been in a few bands with a prog-glam-grunge flavour. hanging w the boys and drinking beer basically. One line up featured a set of identical twins!!

How did you two come together? What were the driving forces to put
this duo together?

We haven’t really had a conscious plan. Ben: i heard Rosie singing and thought let’s do something classic with her voice. but inevitably with some quirky programming and synths so we ended up with a very 2075 sound. we did a track together, then another, then another and then another. simple.

Big Kids was a family drama show on CBBC on BBC One that ran for one
series in 2000. There must be some sort of association with that. Do
you find yourselves acting like children at random times? (I sure do)

Rosie: Never seen it!!! but yes we are reluctant adults. most musicians are surely?

Care to share some examples?
Rosie: wearing stupid clothes, doing what you want when you want. nothing particularly riotous

Rosie, your father was in the comedy series called The Goodies (A UK
show I should check out!) during the 1970s and early 1980s. He also
had charted singles for the songs he wrote for the show. How much of
an influence was he on your style of music these days?

Rosie: a massive influence of course. there were always instruments, particularly percussion, around the house and loads of vinyl. i think you can hear that clutter on the record you know!!!

Ben, you have worked with Jay-Z, Kanye West and the rest of GOOD Music
and you also have your solo career. Why start up what was once a
secret project called BIGkids?

Ben: we haven’t kept it secret, just put the emphasis on the music first and foremost so that it feels like a separate thing. it’s really important for me to do something very British and homegrown to balance out all my international shenanigans. Plus Rosie is a complete star. She has it all and it’s a pleasure to be involved in letting everybody know it

How did you come up with the idea to use the Burger King hats to brand the

Ben: I was walking along the Strand in London talking on the phone to Rosie about logo, colour scheme etc, basically saying “i haven’t got a clue, you look after it!” when i walked past BK and noticed the alliteration and thought the connotations were perfect. also the colour scheme is kinda retro so i said “do me a favour and play around with Burger King vibe” so Rosie just ran with it. she’s great with the visual side of things
Rosie: and now i am obsessed with crowning everything and everybody. no one is safe! mwahahaaa!!!

How do you want to impact your audience? What do you want them to take
away from your music?

Rosie: we just want people to get sweaty, grin their faces off, dance like loons and snog a stranger.
Ben : exactly
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