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Big Sean on WTT tour?

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Big Sean is on SIRIUS Hip Hop Nation and somebody just called in and asked him if he's going to be on the WTT tour. First he said hell yeah, but then backed out a little and said "maybe, hopefully". Thoughts?
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Wouldn't be surprised. I'd be cool with him being one of the openers.
oh shit thattl be awesome
nah fuck big sean...

cons needs to open up
Not that surprising, but good news nonetheless.

Big Sean + Cudi openers would be great.
Cudi ftw... Cud Life tour was unreal. I would rather frank ocean as well.
sean and pusha t would be dope.

puha t has that Fear of god 2 releasing next month...  :awesome:
its gonna be big sean and J-Cole tbh big sean album is out and cole album is dropping soon so this would be good for sales!
I'd reeeaaaaallyyyy prefer someone else tbqh :work:

But he'd be better than Jeezy, or Ross, or someone like that though at least :sonicshrug:

If there is an opening act I would like Cudi, Frank, Jay E, Cole (even though I think he's already got his own tour scheduled for that time), or Lupe
cebreros2740 said:
big sean or cole or cudi would be dope tbh
What if it was Common and Mos Def, they're both GOOD and have albums coming out. :allears:
j cole said he wants to be on the tour and will be if it dosent conflict with his tour...so i expect both sean and cole to be on it
JRAM said:
Cudi, Sean, Frank Ocean & J Cole :allears:
I would buy VIP if i got to meet and greet all deeeze ****** too lol
1 - 20 of 83 Posts
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