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Big Sean is Kanye's best running mate

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Its funny how Kanye always favored Cudi and Pusha, but when we really look at it, Big Sean has helped Kanye the most. M&C was a huuuuuge hit, and Sean is the final addition that really made GOOD Music a crew that can compete with YMCMB and MMG, b/c of all his mainstream success.

I mean hell, the simple addition of "swerve" made Mercy quite the quotable song.

This isnt to say that Pusha n Cudi arent great members of GOOD, but the Kanye West/Big Sean contrast is just too unique when you have Kanye's artistry siding with Sean's catchiness. Theyre kindve like the next line of the Jay-Z/Ye brotherhood.
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Shaman said:
Sean's been signed to GOOD since 07 n Pusha got my Ye features than him already, n Ye has always raved about Cudi every chance hes gotten
1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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