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Imagine being known as a rapper who occupies a certain lane ... and opening the album with Crabs in a bucket :ffpu: from there you get a banger in Big fish with a juicy J hook. Then the saddest song of 2017 Alyssa interlude :jordancry: "So that it wasn't like raw emotion anymore
.. But not enough distance that I'd forget
I'm quite a self-destructive person, so I guess
I guess if you give me some material..."

Then love can be :damn: when the chorus comes in with kilo and ray j. NEVER LET A BITCH LIL BOW WOW ME :fire: :fire:

The beat drop on 745. The fucking 808s knock in the whip. "Looked me in my eyes and told me "Daddy sure you right"
745"" :dash:

Yeah right even provides a trading of bars between k dot and mr stappleton.

Homage with the rick Ross hook. :banderas: SAMO with kilo and rocky :cryfam:

Party people sounds like some rave shit you hear at
Berghain :binowhat: And he's spitting effortless over it. Bagbak :hhh: knocks "tell the president to suck a dick we on now"

:whew: ty Dolla $ign on rain come down

Fuck the way y'all praise atrocity exibition
I love that album
y'all gotta praise Vince for experimenting and doing well at that :khaled2: , and not giving up recycled material most artists give their fans.

Critics loved the album . Yet didn't get nominated for a grammy :huh: confused
1 - 20 of 112 Posts