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Best Web Browser?

  • Safari

    Votes: 14 13.7%
  • Google Chrome

    Votes: 53 52.0%
  • firefox

    Votes: 26 25.5%
  • ie

    Votes: 2 2.0%
  • other

    Votes: 7 6.9%

Best Web Browser?

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Ok so Internet Explorer 8 is fucking up my computer so im looking for a new one. What browser do you use and whic do you recommend i get? I dont know how to make a poll so if someone can make one thatd be awsome.


Google Chrome
Internet Explorer (smh)
Other (Please State)
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Yeah i was thinking chrome as well.
MaX-King said:
I-net explorer >Chrome > Firefox > other
Micha said:
Btw, you add poll through the button "Add poll" above the "Quick Reply"-box, to the left just under the last posters avy.
Thanks buddy. Been looking for soo long haha
MaX-King said:
I was joking  :hah:
& you beleed dat?
Put Explorer behind the others & thats my opinion.
Didnt put IE or Firefox cause ive had both.
Yeah wtf i cant uninstall IE. Fuckkk
Yeah wtf i cant uninstall IE and thats whats fucking my shit up.
urbex said:
it's not messing anything up if it's not running, but you can remove it by clicking "turn windows features on or off. in "add/remove programs"
It is running. But i read that if u installed IE 8 before the Service Pack 2 then it fucks up and you cant uninstall. Ive uninstalled IE 8 but it just  brings back IE 7. U cant install IE for good for some reason :cmon:

And so i uninstalled the Service pack and reinstalled now im doing some system scan to see if I have any trojans that are stoping windows update from updating (My problem)
what if something happens to firefox? without some kind of browser, youre screwed.
I have fire fox installed right now
well you gotta understand that some people only download 1 browser. and if something happens to your only browser, you need some kind of browsing tool to get that one back.
lolwut. What does that have to do with my situation. I got two browsers installed..
by default it dont delete because MOST people only have one browser installed. if something happens to it and they deleted IE then theyre screwed. MS looked at a general situation not yours :cmon:
O lol. Thats gay tho there browser all buggy and shit
you used IE8.
IE9 is ALRIGHT, like to have installed instead of ie7.
Yeah  just installed IE9 becase i uninstalled 8 and it was on 7. And that shit was making the computer slooww.
Scrap the thread. Just got a new Laptop :smug:

Prob gunna start on a good note and just get chrome :slick:
EddieHaskell said:
chrome. lol if you still use ie
Well its installed on every Computer running Windows. Just got this new laptop and typing on IE right now lol
Steven Colbear said:
Are you using IE8 or IE9? IE9 is actually pretty good.
Just upgraded to IE 9 right now. Laptop came with IE8 installed
1 - 16 of 107 Posts
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