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Best Lupe Fiasco intro song Elimination Game (WINNER: Much More)

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Much More (Revenge Of The Nerds)

Order of Elimination
8. Lupe Back (Friend of the People)
7. Go Go Gadget Flow (The Cool)
6. Real (Food & Liquor)
5. Happy Industries (A Rhyming Ape)
4. Twilight Zone (The Truth Is Among Us)
3. Letting Go (Lasers)
2. The National Anthem (Enemy of the State)
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Go Go Gadget flow has a vote :bye:
what yall talkin bout?

LUPE BACK! that conversation in the into, hearing "I fight evil" D:

then the beat drops :fire:
So when I want them to hear me out
I just sit them next to some pictures of Rosa splitting with her titties out
And what’s written on her titties is what it’s really about
Then her vagina is some poor kids from China
Nipples nuclear missiles
Ass is a daughter without a dad
Back is like Afghanistan, Iraq
Health care hair
Drive by thighs
Education lips
HIV eyes
Environment feet
Justice get her so wet, brains get you brains
You can f-ck her if you protest
But before you bust in her face, finish listenin’ to the tape…
Enemy of the State


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So I get back into my stance, revert to my dance
With a shirt full of pants
And my accomplice got a purse full of pants
A pocket full of purses, with no intent to purchase in the plans
And we rehearsed it till it's perfect, just to dodge the searchers of the man
Just to surface outside, then return of all the merch to stay
In the service of the perfect understand
And I boost myself
So from the coal car to the caboose I'm felt
From the rear to the engineer
From the L to the Underground Railroad
From the redline to the TGV
A champion fighter for whom the bell tolls, L-U-P
Little engine from the hood, the hustler in me
Known to hit the track like John Henry
Just give me my glasses
My eight ounce Everlastes'
And a Michael Buffer entry
Shoplifter, tag switcher
That's me, ***** I'm back with 'ya
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I was supposed to vote for my least favorite?  :bye:
Disregard my Much More vote plox, and count it for Lupe Back
Ibrahim said:
I was supposed to vote for my least favorite?  :bye:

if letting go dosnt win, im going on a leave of absence
vote for your least favorite??? why make it so confusing....i just voted for letting go  :mindfk:
i thought it was vote for ur fav lol. lupe back >>
If the Advance was included it wouldn't even be fair.
Voted Go Go Gadget off btw
ThaTruth7x7 said:
If the Advance was included it wouldn't even be fair.
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