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I am about to compile a Best of CD for my car and I'm having a tough time.... :button:

Best 80min of Kanye? Nearly impossible to choose!!  :dno:

What would your playlist be? Try keep it under 80 min :sarc2:

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All Falls Down - 3.44
Never Let Me Down - 5.24
Slow Jamz - 5.16
Through The Wire - 3.41
Touch The Sky - 3.57
Addiction - 4.27
Gone - 6.03
Champion - 2.48
Stronger - 5.12
Flashing Lights - 3.58
Everything I Am - 3.48
Welcome To Heartbreak - 4.23
Heartless - 3.31
Amazing - 3.58
Dark Fantasy - 4.41
Power - 4.52
Runaway - 9.08
Blame Game - 7.50

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Get Em High
Jesus Walks
Through The Wire
Touch The Sky
Gold Digger
Drive Slow :)he:)
Good Life
Can't tell me nothing
The Glory
Dark Fantasy
All Of The Lights
****** In Paris


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I had to take out a lot of good stuff from Graduation to make room for MBDTF but I got 79:54, pretty ill

College Dropout
Jesus Walks - 3:12
Spaceship - 5:24
Never Let Me Down - 5:24

Late Registration
Drive Slow - 4:33
Bring Me Down - 3:19
Addiction - 4:27
Hey Mama - 5:05

Flashing Lights - 3:57
Good Night - 3:06

808s and Heartbreak
Say You Will - 6:18
Welcome to Heartbreak - 4:23

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Dark Fantasy - 4:41
All Of The Lights - 5:00
Devil In A New Dress - 5:52
Runaway - 9:08
See Me Now - 6:04

Total Time = 79:53


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alright so here's how i would do it, when you get in the car you wanna feel like the fuckin man. nothing else matters but what you're driving to go do, and what you're bumping in the car.

You could either take this in order or just mix it up idc

Dark Fantasy (whenever i'm in my friends car this sets the tone wherever we're going, even if it's 3 minutes away)

Champion (so you feel like the fuckin champion driving w.e you drive)

Touch The Sky (still feelin like the man)

The Glory (basically fuck everyone else that's tryna pass you)


-then you're like wow mighta been too early to bump HAM, so you slow it down a little bit but still keep the vibe goin with-


Good Life

Flashing Lights

-keep the lights thing goin on and bump-

All Of The Lights ( i wouldn't play the interlude before this because you're tryna keep it under 80 and i don't really see the need for it with this playlist)

-then you're like fuck it-

Mercy (fuckin swurrvvvvvvv theeee shit outta it)

Hell Of A Life (you're feelin like you could pick up and hot white bitch driving an audi at this point)

-and now you get into some ye and jay-

Diamonds Remix (sets the vibe right for the callabo section of the ride)

Otis (diamonds into otis might be an interesting turn of events, but fuck it)

Gotta Have It (this is when you're speeding down that long road but then there's mad stop lights and shit and you gotta stop if you please to do so. you're just like "I GOT WHACHU NEED WHU WHUCHU NEED"

Power (Remix) (nothing gets anyone more juiced then ye's crazy verse, follow that shit by)

TheraFlu (still gettin you fuckin amped up and switch it up from the callabo section)

****** In Paris (CDQ) x2 (play this twice as if you were at the WTT show)

****** In Paris (Live Video Version) (This should close out your car ride)

Enjoy and it should be just under 75 mins
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