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Best Artist in the Game Tournament

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So I have had the urge to create a tournament to crown the best active artist in the Hip Hop/Rap/R&B world. So when I stumbled upon KanyeToThe.com I knew this would be the place for the tournament. The tournament will consist of 160 of the best active artists.

Rules & Regulations

- The Artist must be Active (this disqualifies any artist that is dead or has not put out any music in the 2010 or 2011)
- There will be 120 artist in the Tournament
- The tournament is exclusive to only rappers and singers in R&B.
- This is an individual competition so no groups or duo.

Format [sub](If you are familiar with the FIFA World Cup, then this will be simple.)[/sub]

120 Artists

1) Preliminary Stage:
- 12 groups of 10 artists.
- The top 4 from each group would advance to the group stage. (48)

2) Group Stage:
- Those 32 will then be split into 8 groups of 6 artists.
- Each group consists a 6-artist single elimination mini tournament (with the top 2 artists getting byes).
- Then, the winner from each group would advance to the knockout section of the tournament. (8)

3) Knockout Stage:
- Which is a single elimination tournament to decide the winner. (1)

Quick breakdown:
Preliminary Stage = 120 artists / 12 Groups of 10
Group Stage = 48 artists / 8 Groups of 6
Knockout Stage = 8 artists / 8 man tournament


The overall pool of artists will be decided by the members of KTT.com. Each day a member can nominate three five artists to be included in the field. Once an artist has three two nominations he/she is put in the field. You can only nominate a artist ONCE.

Any questions feel free to post.
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Meek Mill
Trey Songz
Bun B
MAnt said:
When does the voting end?
Whenever we get to 160
peazncheez said:
i say just call it at 64, it's gonna take forever to get to 160. it's your tournament though so it's your call
Im to the point where Im just adding any artist to the field....taking a lot longer then expected.
So changed the format (check OP for details)..and here is the Preliminary Stage draw.

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I didnt want clog up the forum so maybe in a day or two....
I mean I will post the others if it is okay.
Dr. Osey said:
how/where did you make these?
Microsoft Excel
swimgood said:
the weeknd
PhilTheName said:
is this over?
no I have just been busy.
I know that it has been awhile....but honest question.

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