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Best Artist in the Game Tournament

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So I have had the urge to create a tournament to crown the best active artist in the Hip Hop/Rap/R&B world. So when I stumbled upon KanyeToThe.com I knew this would be the place for the tournament. The tournament will consist of 160 of the best active artists.

Rules & Regulations

- The Artist must be Active (this disqualifies any artist that is dead or has not put out any music in the 2010 or 2011)
- There will be 120 artist in the Tournament
- The tournament is exclusive to only rappers and singers in R&B.
- This is an individual competition so no groups or duo.

Format [sub](If you are familiar with the FIFA World Cup, then this will be simple.)[/sub]

120 Artists

1) Preliminary Stage:
- 12 groups of 10 artists.
- The top 4 from each group would advance to the group stage. (48)

2) Group Stage:
- Those 32 will then be split into 8 groups of 6 artists.
- Each group consists a 6-artist single elimination mini tournament (with the top 2 artists getting byes).
- Then, the winner from each group would advance to the knockout section of the tournament. (8)

3) Knockout Stage:
- Which is a single elimination tournament to decide the winner. (1)

Quick breakdown:
Preliminary Stage = 120 artists / 12 Groups of 10
Group Stage = 48 artists / 8 Groups of 6
Knockout Stage = 8 artists / 8 man tournament


The overall pool of artists will be decided by the members of KTT.com. Each day a member can nominate three five artists to be included in the field. Once an artist has three two nominations he/she is put in the field. You can only nominate a artist ONCE.

Any questions feel free to post.
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