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MajorLazer said:
Anyone with a variety of big singles with alot of diversity between their discography.

Kanye, Jay, Wayne >>>

They have lots of huge songs that get the crowds going, but there's alot of variety within them.
Weezy performing A Milli >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Kanye and Jay-Z are very good. Drake is seriously no longer a bad performer, he's gotten better. Cole is decent but last time I saw him was not that entertaining to me.

Can't comment on the rest.

shows that stuck out:

good performers:
Big Boi
Cole (I'm not even a fan tbh, but dude is hype live, was surprised)
Ghostface/Raekwon (performed together)
Mobb Deep

Wayne (sorry Weezy stans, was hyped to see him but dude put on one of the worst shows I've seen)

oh I ignored the OP's actual question lol, just looked at title:
nivrigawin said:
Who are the best and worst live performers from this bunch: Kanye, Jay-Z, Kendrick, Cole, Krit, Eminem, Drake, Cudi, and Lupe
Ye: dope.
Jay: pretty good.
Kendrick: wasn't as crazy as I'd figured but kid has a lot of room to grow.
Cole: couldn't believe it but kid was hype
KRIT: dope, maybe best of those listed here, at least right now.
Em: Dude may have sold out but he stills knows how to move a stadium. dope live, seen him twice.
Cudi: awful
Lupe: eh
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