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Part 1:

Sigur Ros-Untitled 3
The video goes nicely with the song.Most emotional,beautiful song i ever heard.If you lost someone or need to cry,listen to this

Young Man-Playtime
A Relaxing song from Skins US

Young Man-Bedtime
A relaxing song from Skins US

Bon Iver-Woods
Most of you guys know this from Kanye but this got known off Skins UK in 2009.Very Beautiful song

Sigur Ros-Hoppipolla
Another Beautiful song by Sigur Ros.Makes you kinda feel powerful and happy

George Michael-Careless Whisper
Smooth song that is Beautiful.Throwback song.Sexy feel to it

Pink Floyd-Mudmen
A mix of alot of things,Very Good song.

Gato Barbieri-Mystica
Smooth Relaxing song.Very sexy feel to it

Robert Palmer-Dreams Come True(Instrumental)
Very relaxing song.Something you listen to when trying to sleep

Aphex Twins-Stone In Focus
Relaxing song that makes you think about the universe and she the beauty in life

Stevie Wonder-All In Love Is Fair
Found this song on Skins US.Very Thoughtful song that is emotional and beautiful

Part 2:

Armored Core 3-No More Cry
Beautiful song from a childhood game i used to play.Beautiful,Relaxing song

Armored Core-Milk
Another song from childhood.Relaxing song

E.Grieg Peer Gynt Suite no.1, Op 46 no.1, Morning Mood
Beautiful classical music that you all may remember.

Samuel Barber-Adagio For Strings
Very relaxing classical song

Frederic Chopin-Nocturne In E Flat major,Op.9 No.2
Beautifully crafted song that can be relaxing.

Suite Bergamasaque-3. Clair de lune
Very,very relaxing classical song

Part 3:

Plain White T's-Hey There Delilah
Relaxing song that can be very powerful

Hooray For Earth-Surrounded By Friends
Relaxing feel good song that i found on Skins US

Caveman-December 28th
Relaxing,slow paced song that i found from Skins US

Phantogram-You Are The Ocean
Another relaxing song that i found on Skins US

Houses-All Night
Relaxing song that can put you you sleep that is from Skins US

The Dream-Mama
Beautiful,Emotional song

Relaxing,old school type song with a chill feel to it

Kanye West-Never See Me Again
Chill,Relaxing song with a nice melody to it.

Part 4:

Giselle-Small People

La Roux-In For The Kill(Vevo version)

The-Dream- Wake Me When It's Over
Beautiful lyrics,Relaxing Song

Kid Cudi-In My Dreams(Cudder Anthem)
Relaxing Song.Good for sleeping

Relaxing Piano Music-My Dreams
Self Explanatory

Linkin Park-In The End


The Lake-Unknown
Relaxing,sleeping type music

Rain Forest-Music

Sigur Ros-Saeglopur
Beautiful Song all throughout

Sigur Ros-Glosoli
Relaxing song that can make you think

Sigur Ros-Staralfur
Another relaxing song by Sigur Ros

Part 5

Broken Record - A Promise

Rae Morris - Don't Go
Song makes me tear up a lot. Found in Skins, it was used in the finale of one of the last episodes, so it hit me harder than for most because it was near the end of Skins.

Point of Disgust - Low

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead

Son Lux - Break

Debussy - Clair De Lune

Maps – When You Leave
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