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Beat Or Lyrics.?

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for me the Beat Has to be dope!
i cant listen to a song with bad music!
what are good lyrics with out good music? (Pun Intended, Kanye, cudi, ect.)

im interested and seeing what you guys think?

and im always open to hearing new music soo if you know someone who has good ass music hit me up!
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i like Rich Hil's music But i cant FUCKIN STAND HIS VOICE!!!!!!!!

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The Monkey said:
so you could listen to a song with bad music but good lyrics
vice versa?
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The Game said:
Beat. It has to be hot. In special cases I take lyrics over beats.
Agreed your profile pic is one of those people who fuckin kill lyrically
shit i could listen to him Acapella
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Albert McFly™ said:
The beat is what I care most about, if I care about the beat.. I'll care about the lyrics.
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