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Beat Battle(Week 1)

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5th Element
Twisted Edge

1. Beat must not be longer than 4 minutes
2. Breaks are Allowed
3. The deadline to turn in your beat is Wensday 10/20/10 at 9 pm est.
4. Winner of this weeks battle gets to chose the sample for next weeks beat battle
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Ripping the sample right now btw
rip that shit son, im fiending to make some beats
no effense but this sample sucks
its called wtf do i do wit this
This sample, imo, has potential, especially the first couple seconds
ugghhh i guess im in idk what i can do with dis tho
put this sample in usershare
ok workin on beat now
this is actually a clever thread, i hope it lasts long..im interested in hearing what great beats people will create.
btw, get some of those Top producers on this competition like Sage and Danny and TODDERS.
haha i dont think anyone else flipping this like me...
1 - 20 of 106 Posts
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