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They call me monster truck, cause i speed through,
I can't see you.
I'm a bad bitch

I'm failing classes, but i could care less,
I want all the teachers to hear this.
I'm a bad bitch

My life is on freeze right now, no rolex,
Skinny ***** that can't afford a boflex,
I blow all my checks on dro but never protest.
I'm a bad bitch

Where am I? 8 months i've been gone
Giraffes in my atmosphere, but they won't leave me alone,
Like minded individuals have iphones,
but i don't.
Cause i'm a bad bitch.

Find me, find me, i just wanna be looked for,
In Walgreens searching for the meaning of life,
Can't figure out wrong from right.
It's a shame when i can't see in front me, my own two eyes,
I need a prescription so i can clear my sight.
But I never fight.

Cause I'm a bad bitch
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