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Backpack Matt - Out On The Town [prod. BPM] [WIP] + Need some dope spittas for this...

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https://soundcloud.com/bpmthepro%2Fout-on-the-town-prod-bpm-wip BPM - Out On The Town

WIP, it would be dope if i could get two more verses on here from some legit spittas
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preciate it man, yeah i was worried it was a lil too loud, definitely not too late to tweak it. thanks tho!
MadSkilzzzzz said:
Damn, that beat is smoooooth. :slick: Great beat. That piano hit you got is a tad bit loud
thanks bro, if u down to collab, hit me up. ur shit is nice
Eighth said:
damn this beat is NICE
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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