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My satellite trippin' I watch T.V. at your girl's house
My homies fell through, we had a smoke out at your girl's house
Drop ashes everywhere, burn holes in your girl's couch
Put a pillow over it, I was gone before she noticed it

Top 5 Curren$y song.

Bitches think I'm living out my car
all these shoe boxes and shit
don't confuse it boo this stuff I just bought
before I came to scoop you
could of dropped it off, but I wanted you to see it


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Before I got on this beat, it made out a bucketlist,
and these bars, I granted its deathwish,
Legendary lay-up Jordan with the right-left switch,
Hang time, Hand glide, Stir fried, Chanky-eyed, Shanghai,

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Bitches cumbling nuggets im feeling lovely and blessed
Tribeca at bubbies im enjoying a lemon press not that Minute Maid crap
They squeeze these lemons they selves
The hearts of women melt
When trilla lyrics are felt
Olympic swimming in bitches Micheal slash leon phelps

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yeahhh was waiting on this tread


pussies be slippin, tryna squeeze in that mousehole.
but that cheese is nachos

getting way into the grip of them vagina lips
got homies searching for relationships

smilin,money pilin, iam cheesing

sv diablo, 96' wings lift, daniel san crane kick

holdin the title with the precision of a hunters rifle
shots fired the forest too quiet
trees ignited, fall back baby, and get high shit

love got a shovel in her hand, i see you diggin,
strike gold, build your own coffin with it
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