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Atlanta rapper wants to work with fresh producers.

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If you are not familiar with my music or my message then its never to late... I'm a rising southern rapper known by Hunned Kay. I've worked with the likes of Grammy nominated Lil Keis and KE On Da Track. Even some of the dopest independent producers such as Kontrabandz, No30, 20k, Larry Beats and even many more. Over the years I've learned to distribute and market my music like the pros. I've managed to Instagram fame as an influencer which brought even more popularity to my music, and helped me reach over 12+ Million viewers and over 760k streams on my music.

Ok, that was a little back story...

I'm looking for fresh upcoming producers who want to work with serious artists with a platform and growing fanbase. Message me, DM Me, Search me and comment! However you need, please get in contact with me if you got some fire beats and want to work with a fire new voice.

New music Amplifying the Rap industry!


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I have one question, How do I use this app.
I'm asking bc im 13 and idk if this app is suppost to be for kids/ teens.
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Hi Abby, welcome!

This app. is for enjoying any and all things Kanye-related but also offers various topics and discussions for aspiring musicians and entertainers. It's a great place to enjoy your favorite gossip, tunes, or just networking with other like-minded creators. Find a topic or forum and please read the rules. If you have music or content to share then there are numerous places that allow it.
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I fw this fam💯🔥
I could see me and Kodak Black on a record together🔥
Thanks, Hunned Kay I appreciate it. Lol.
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