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Welcome KTT,
this is a thread about my upcoming mixtape...

It's about my life, my faults, my wins, my loses...strictly everything.

Cover is in the making.
A Few Tracks are Prerecorded.
2 Tracks are Premastered.
No Tracks are Final yet.


1. Intro (prod. by DJ Delta)
2. Cudi Zone Remix
3. Hello Echo (feat. MusicLovers)
4. Being Good (prod. by Breeze) (finished)
5. ------
6. Don't Stop (Don't Stop Believing//GITDT Sample)
7. My Time (prod. by Thyss)
8. -----
9. Won't Let You Down (prod. by MajezztyBlood)
10. The Breakthrough (feat. Yugin) (prod. by Yugin) (finished)
11. -----
12. L.O.V.E.
13. Lifetime Skit
14. -----
15. Realest Track (prod. by Royalbeatz)
16. Who Dat Remix (feat. J. Cole)
17. -----
18. Down (Never let me Down Beat)
19. -----
20. Through The Wire (Outro)

Features aren't set yet.
It'll be finished in the beginning of 2011.

Check my Tracks and tell me what you think...

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Being Good:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Echo feat. Musiclovershttp://hulkshare.com/0f7hhwl6v3qc

PromoShots are done!
check them out please!

I'm german so please don't hate on my accent.

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promo shots are dope. the 3rd one is album cover worthy.
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