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violence, silence so blinded
by the ones who have all this control
starvation, depression, recession
how did we get here does anyone know?

Crying, dying, fighting
For unity but you wont hold my hand
Do you see this like i?
I wanna make a change tonight
to survive..for survival of our fellow men

cant even watch the news no more
Does anybody see whats going on?

I think we need a [ revolution! ] x4

webster defines revolution as change
but change makes sense when we unify the brain
we all here music sounding like the same thing
its cool to worship evil when the drums go bang
if the drums go bang
saying thats ur thang
do know what theyre saying?
dont wanna know what they saying..

Cant even watch the news no more..
Does anyone see whats going on?

i think we need a [ revolution ! ] x4


and if we pull together, it could be so much better
why dont we take some time
open your heart and your mind
assuming that you wanna make a change
There will be..no more dying.
lets spread life and...

and then you feel good
feel good feel good feel good!

WE NEED A REVOLUTION... Thank you..much love..

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hi there! ^-^ i promised you guys in another topic i would post something only for you guys.. so i did.. you guys are the first to hear it.. its from "In Search Of Radio.." 
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