Kanye to The banner

Arnt we just the luckiest

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We have G.O.O.D fridays --kanye
  Monster Mondays -- Swizz beats
and now we got Timbo thursdays-- timbaland
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Someone has Thursdays, forgot who.

And wasn't lloyd banks doing this?
keep it in match.com...

Perry said:
lmfao i die everytime you post. the avy just kills me
Blue Friday - Lloyd Banks

Wu Wednesdays - Wu Tang
LOL u would post the same thing 3 seconds b4 me lolol
skyhigh said:
wu wednesdays

blue fridays?
imo rapradar said it best:

Timbo Thursdays? Geesh, what fellow producer gave you that idea. Nobody likes a copycat and didn't you turn your back on rap a long time ago. What'd you got a 12 minute version of "Ghetto Techno" in the stash? Nelly Furtado adlibs? A rare Magoo tune? Maybe you missed the memo: But we ain't really fucked with you musically in a minute. Go close your laptop and make some more techno.

cold blooded ether :parrot:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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