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Are there other comedy rappers like The Lonely Island?

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If not, what are some good serious rappers that have hilarious punchlines. Thanks!
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Eminem. He's like the Dane Cook or Adam Sandler of Hip-Hop.

Recovery was a laugh. His whole career has been one big joke.
Nagra said:
What a good post

CACs got mad at you
Fuck those crackers. Josh is bitchmade
The Man said:
You don't even have your own opinion though.
Dafuck is that meant to mean? This bitch is always mad :hah:
The Man said:
You lost tbh.
Seriously you're not making any sense again. How did I lose?
The Man said:
Cuz you're not bumping The Foreign Exchange.

Check out my thread.
Going to get ready now, bruh. I've seen one of their vids last year. It was like a movie sort of music video. Forgot the name of the song.
1 - 5 of 41 Posts
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