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I used to do surveys for money the pay was good but the surveys would take an hour to 2 hours for a dollar per survey I only made about $5 but quit because you couldn't cash out until you made $20. I then made money posting songs in YouTube I made about $450 posting the songs that got millions of views but once the #ArtistsMusic page that posts artists songs came it got harder.
Does anyone have any ways?

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search engine evaluator ex: appen butler hill, lionsbridge, clickworker, leapforce

transcription is okay if you're fast at typing(80+ WPM) even better if your're bilingual

create a website, let it gain traction to where it gets a good amount of unique traffic everyday, slap some ads on that bitch. Can use tumblr for that or another free blog type site. Lowkey porn tumblrs seem the easiest to get a bunch of unique visits :hhh: :hhh:

flip shit on amazon/ebay

write a book and sell on amazon.

tutor asian ****** http://www.nicetalk.com/

at home advisor for Apple if you're into their products https://www.apple.com/jobs/us/aha.html
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