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Anyone looking for some beats? I've got free ones!

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Here are some beats I've worked on the past few weeks, all free for you to download.
Feel free to leave any feedback!

Round of Applause
https://soundcloud.com/superslikuzi%2Fround-of-applause DOWNLOAD

https://soundcloud.com/superslikuzi%2Funtouchable DOWNLOAD

The Cult
https://soundcloud.com/superslikuzi%2Fthe-cult DOWNLOAD

Night Walker
https://soundcloud.com/superslikuzi%2Fnight-walker-sampled DOWNLOAD




If your interested in the versions without any voice tags let me know!
And any feedback positive or negative is welcomed. I'd love to hear what you guys think.
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Untouchable and Cult were my favorites for sure. Night Walker wasn't playin tho. :/
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