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DeShazor said:
Boul if you think I ain't gettin none at the anime conventions then you're terribly wrong. Best chicks you can find are there :khaled2:
You were trying to pull at anime conventions lol? How did you differentiate yourself from the other weebs?

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worthit said:
I met this chick who listens to Keef Thugger and shit and talking to her I felt like I was having a cultured discussion with my KTT fam

And this got me thinking

Imagine having a girl on KTT!

Like you post some shit and she's the first one to quote you and always shits on people posting your avi

Shit d be funny af

Edit: funny to watch not to be a part of

Yes this is a brag thread that OP met a chick who is like KTT with ass
nah she realizes sometimes u on ktt instead of texting her back
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