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You know you got this fantasy
In your head about:
Getting out of the life
And, setting that other world on it's ear
What the fuck are you gonna do except hustle
Now man I ain't puttin' you down
I'm just tryin' to make it real baby like it is, like it is

12,394 Posts
There was once a child in here
Cause all the tribulations and the trials in here
And all the limitations of his housing there
Became a teenage hustler a thousand here
Capitivated with what the drug dealer told
Infactuated by what the drug dealer drove
A life validated by what a drug dealer holds
On the stand because what another drug dealer told
A drug dealers woe: 'time waits for no man'
No woman waits for a man with time on his hands (they don't)
Didn't you know? lord they fearing ye now
They hearing ye now
Specially when the conspiracy comes down
We come down get humble,
It's no longer fun now
But who gonna hustle to feed his son now?
From the cradle to the cage
We bring our sons to be be gunned down
Our daughters to have more - it's war.

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