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Thought this deserved it's own thread, his last comment is so true.

"Ha!!!! Neighbors just banged on my wall for bangin Otis #turnsupLOUDER"

Then defends Otis against the haters on twitter...

"these damn post crack babies era kids (born AFTER 85) gettin on my nerves complainin bout the #Otis sample ("Verbal intercourse" anyone?)"

"lol how they sound forced? Ye rocked O before on Late Registration. & these 2 been arrogant braggin for their combined 30 yrs"

"Why am I up 7am defending Otis defense team style on my most @tourex. (Really BBM spellcheck "defense" is spelled wrong? Psssh)"

"#Otis I disagree respectfully. Kinda weird the very nail in the coffin Ye/Hov bolted shut on their peers to get $ucc/sex is ironically both biting them in the #[email protected]%*# (those with no reference point complainin about no chorus, no keyboards 808s, & will that grandpop soundin ***** stop singin "got ta got ta my my my!") & servin them very well all at once (the rza at one point when hip hop was affordable would serve a track like this in his sleep & we eat it up) I'm just sayin sometimes I like my Ye/Hov on Basic Baltic Ave mode. I don't need em on Baller Boardwalk status all the time."

Questlove's musical knowledge > ours
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