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Anyone else feel like their expectations are getting incredibly high?

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They were already really high before Runaway, then Runaway was super pleasing, now I know the stuff on the album is essentially even better (well its different, but I assume different = an improvement)...and that just blows my mind. Ye, Cyhi, and Big Sean all said it was "incredible", and "of course they are going to say that", but man, my expectations are like sky-rocketed. I expect every track to be AT LEAST great. No clunkers, no Barry Bonds (just IMO the clunker from that album)...just literally a perfect album. And I don't know if Ye can do that. I think he can, but obviously I don't have proof yet. I mean, I expect a classic album which is his both his best production wise and best lyrically...something for the history books. Easily the highest expectations I have ever had for the release of basically anything.

Anyone else feel a little nervous given their extreme expectations?
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seriously, I havent been this excited for an album in my life! THIS WILL BE THE MOST EPIC CD EVER! I have been holding myself from hearing any leaks or anything- itl just make the album that much greater!

I wanna buy like 4 copies of this cd, one to frame on the wall, one the keep in the car, one in the house, and one as backup... haha i want this shit playing nonstop
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DCAPP said:
I spend 90% of my day thinking about the album.  It's getting kinda sad.
Dead Prezidentz said:
This and the other 10 listining to MOTM2.
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