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Anyone actually met Cudi ???

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anyone on this forum met Cudi before ? i havent, maybe one day !
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i know a bunch of people (4 or 5) who have met him. none had anything negative to say :dno:
Cudder1 said:
anyone on this forum met Cudi before ? i havent, maybe one day !
i want to party with him
think how much weed he must have... it would be like charlie and the chocolate factory except with kush!
itzdatNewNew said:
i want to party with him
I almost touched his hand at a show. But some fat kid got in my way. That's about it for me.  :dno:
i know someone who touched his butt. he got pissed off.
I've met him twice. Once was real brief(said what's up and got a pic) and then the second time got to actually chill out for a good half hour. Met pat and kaslow aswell, did the usual whatup and got a pic,and then as he was taking a flick with another fan I asked pat where the "urban gentlemen" aka Emile was and he was like "hey cudi, this guys asking about 'the urban gentlemen'" and that's when cudi was like yo, i got to film you asking a question and i'll show Emile. So he took his iphone out his pocket and started recording me. Pat told me something to ask and after like 2 takes we got it. It was dope. Cudi and pat were mad cool. We chilled and was talking for a bit. There was only a couple of fans so it was pretty dope. Definitely one of the best concert experiences i've had.
i met him at the bape store the night after his show in nyc. he was mad chill.
I met him at his recent concert in NYC for the Halo Reach release. He was high as fuck. I got a dope pic and got my blackberry case signed.
i knew this chick who used to work with him at abercrombie a few years back, she honestly hates him and the fact that he's rich now to be honest lol. She talks bout how he used to always try to get with her friend and was always asking for a dollar to get food across the street at burger king lmfao
I met him at the laundromat. Don't ask me how.
i met him after his concert in L.A.(the infamous So Appalled concert) he was really cool. got to meet big sean, kanye, chip, johnny polygon, diddy and amber rose that day too.
ohhh lol same shittt...but it's soo crazy how he was just one of us and came so far in such a short period of time, i use his story as inspiration
peliason6190 said:
There Is No Burger King Across The Street, It's Wendy's. LOL. And Yeah, He Was Homeless Living At Zulee's Crib.
i met him after a show he did in atlanta with asher roth, pac div, and bob. he's a cool dude
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