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Anybody mind reading my intro paragraph?

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The topic is: Is Avatar a movie about the white man saving society? A typical "white savior" film or is it a film about the Na'vi saving the Na'vi

Avatar. What is an avatar actually? An incarnation, embodiment, or manifestation of a person are all examples of what an avatar is. In the movie Avatar, a form of avatars is shown at a level that humanity was not used to seeing. Most people think of a made up character via the media when they hear the word avatar rather than thinking of actually stepping into another living body. Avatar takes us to a new world of avatars by putting Homosapiens into the bodies of the Na'vi people. The movie has a great story built from love, loyalty, controversy and a tad bit of comedy. But if asked the question “Is Avatar a typical white savior movie?” and then re-watching the movie, a new emotion can be brought to life as to how the movie is viewed. Viewing the movie after being asked that question, I believe that  Avatar is a movie about the white man saving the “helpless”. I think that the story shows it inadvertently and that even some of the casting decisions show this also. 
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wiz khudi said:
Didn't read :delfap: :delfap:
Hey thanks man, i really did appreciate that. Your amazing, i want my kids to grow up and be assholes like you. Yea that would just be amazing also.
Dont you think?
Waka Flocka Cosby said:
You say Avatar ALOT in your intro. It gets kinda repetetive. I might be wrong, but i skimmed and I saw Avatar about 10 times
I know, but its two forms of avatar...the movie and then the actual word avatar....I see what you mean though
Stan Smith said:
Just some basic tips: mention at least 3 points you'll be making in the essay, and don't give too much of your opinion in the intro, thats what the rest of the essay is for.
Thanks, workin on that now
wiz khudi said:
I actually did read but just wrote that instead.
And I don't agree with your point tho. Do you really think when they wrote the story they thought much of color? I think this came later like in casting but I don't think it was on purpose. Ps. Don't you think that's kinda short for a paragraph?
Im on a 750 word cap
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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