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Anybody mind reading my intro paragraph?

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The topic is: Is Avatar a movie about the white man saving society? A typical "white savior" film or is it a film about the Na'vi saving the Na'vi

Avatar. What is an avatar actually? An incarnation, embodiment, or manifestation of a person are all examples of what an avatar is. In the movie Avatar, a form of avatars is shown at a level that humanity was not used to seeing. Most people think of a made up character via the media when they hear the word avatar rather than thinking of actually stepping into another living body. Avatar takes us to a new world of avatars by putting Homosapiens into the bodies of the Na'vi people. The movie has a great story built from love, loyalty, controversy and a tad bit of comedy. But if asked the question “Is Avatar a typical white savior movie?” and then re-watching the movie, a new emotion can be brought to life as to how the movie is viewed. Viewing the movie after being asked that question, I believe that  Avatar is a movie about the white man saving the “helpless”. I think that the story shows it inadvertently and that even some of the casting decisions show this also. 
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