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Anybody else sad we'll never see Late Registration/College Dropout Kanye again?

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So don't get me wrong, I think MBDTF was a masterpiece and enjoy WTT a lot more than most of the members here. I just remember back in '09 when he said this:
Kanye said:
So many people get caught up in trying to remake their first album, and it's impossible for me to make another College Dropout, but I can make the best Graduation or 808s & Heartbreak I can make. And that's how I think you keep advancing as an artist, and so many Hip-Hop artists have ever advanced. The songs on their 7th, 8th album sound exactly like the songs on their first album. More than I'm an artist I'm a person, and people grow.
And we advanced from this:
To this:

Now the second song is great, probably my favorite track on the album, but when you compare it to Never Let Me Down it just feels like it's missing something. Older Ye & Jay tracks had a warm feeling to them, now it's more about Jay bragging about his $600M and Kanye feeling insecure about his $80M.

anyways just my opinion, feel free to give any constructive criticism or better yet spam insults and smilies
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umad sad depressed?
P4F said:
If you think Kanye has progressed as an artist since College Dropout then I don't know what you are listening to.  He used to talk about deep, existential issues and his perspective on different topics.  Now he talks about how much money him and his friends have.  Yeah... that's really some progression...
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