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Anybody collect Murakami's work?

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You know... the guy that did the Graduation cover? Just wondering if anyone owns any prints of his or anything. He has some cool stuff.
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They're normally not that expensive, a lot of prints on eBay are sitting in the $900-1,500 range, which still is expensive, but not ungodly.
Huge collection of his work here

Joseph Anid said:
Nah, but post some of his shit. I'm curious.
Way cool. You're a lucky man
Asian said:
These to be exact :
Murakami, KAWS, Jeff Koons, Jeff Keyes, Keith Haring, Barbara Kruger. That's all I can think of now. You?
Bozav said:
What artists are you into?
That's cool. I have a little bit of extra cash at the moment and I've been looking on eBay for a KAWS piece. I've decided I'm either getting his black sponge bob print or his No Future Companion he collaborated with Sorayama for. Do you have a preference between the two?
Bozav said:
My three favorites are Kaws, Murakami and Damien Hirst but I'm trying to get into Jeff Koons
I know, emphasis on "most". I thought maybe 1 or 2 people here owned a cool print to show off
Busy said:
Most of us are brooke man
No prints, only his vinyl toys. That's why I'm probably leaning towards spongebob too. I have all 3 dissected Milo's, pinnochio, a clear blitz, and a 1000% bearbrick. You have any?
Bozav said:
Both are very nice in my opinion which makes it a hard choice, but I'd get the black spongebob print first. Do you own any of his prints or other work?
The book is awesome. Only problem is every time I open it up I want to buy all his stuff haha
Bozav said:
The dissected Milos were defiantly one of my favorite toys from him and no not yet, I just have the Kaws book :)
Haha ya I guess. How huge is it? How much did you pay (if you don't mind me asking)?
Highlyxo said:
Reminds me a lot of tado.

I just got a piece in my parvez taj its huge and amaazing.
He's very modern i guess you can say

is this now an art thread?
To each their own I guess. I can't stand that type of shit that you collect, but everyone has their own preference.
stiff nips said:
No. I buy real art, not cartoons. I collect a lot of Caravaggio
kawsone.com will sell his new work right when it's released, and will sell out within 10-15 each time.

Murakami doesn't have a site like that in the US, to buy his stuff directly you gotta be in Japan.

Other than that, eBay has worked great for me in the past, you just have to be patient for a good price and do your research to make sure you don't get a fake.
Cappie said:
I want some Murakami and KAWS, but I can't find a Legit site to buy them...
Oh lol. Ok then.
stiff nips said:
lol i just made that up to sound like an asshole.
I know kawsone sells his stuff right when it's newly released, so if you want it, you gotta be right at your computer at the exact time of the release. Each time the item sells out completely in 10-15 minutes.

As long as the eBay member has a long history of 100% feedback, and the items look legit in the photos, you should be ok. I have purchased 4 KAWS items off eBay and I have been totally fine each time.
Cappie said:
KAWSOne.com is always "Sold Out"...

I don't trust eBay for this...
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