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Any Programmers?

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Just wondering if there is any experienced programmers on KTT who could give some advice/tips regarding programming.

Software Engineering is a post secondary field I'm strongly considering and want to start programming.

So any advice? Like, what languages to start with? Best tutorials/books?

I was thinking of starting with C++, Java, Python maybe? Is that not a good idea, too advanced to start with or what? I know languages aren't just a two week book think and your done, your always learning them, gaining more knowledge. I would just like to know where the best place to start for someone like me with 0 programming experience at this point. Anything would be appreciated..

also I think it would be cool to develop some Apps (ioS) /Flash/Indie Games, so any tips on that would be welcome!

Probably won't get any replies but o well!

Oh and if someone knows of a great programming forum/website that would be more helpful to me than KTT, feel free to share :)
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jreed91 said:
I'm not a great programmer but I know basic html/CSS/JavaScript. Do you know any of those because those are a great start. Also basic java is a good start as well as ruby and ruby on rails.
thanks :hat:

html/JavaScript are for website development and such right?

for Java, where do you learn it?
jreed91 said:
Yea it's definitely a great start just to understand how programming works and is a lot simpler than many other languages. I think many people say to start with BASIC but it supposedly ruins your learning ability going forward. The best way to learn is either take classes or buy some books and lots of practice.
Yeah my brother is a software engineer so I have his books and I will practise a lot this summer, thanks man :hat:
moneyman232 said:
Start with C++, it's a good language to start with. Fortunately once you learn one high-level language it's very easy to learn others. Learn c++ and understand the concept of Object Oriented Programming, from there you can program apps using XCODE for IOS or Eclipse to program android applications in Java. I found it easier to pick up on the concepts of a language by learning c++ first then moving on to other languages.

And if you're looking into Web development then javascript is cool, not as complex as Java, but in my opinion its easier to start with a high level language and then learn scripting languages.

feel free to pm me and i'll see if i can find some good reference materials. After that it's all abou practice, come up with ideas and work from there.
Yeah C++ was one that interested me a lot, cause I think I can learn the basics of it and it would be a great one to learn now as it is advance and I can keep learning it for awhile compared to some of the others. I'll def pm you, thank you :D
Thanks for all the replies yall :hat:

I think I'm going to start with C++ and Java and go from there. I want a big jump on my CS class next year so i can ace it.
ManicJay said:
Most colleges and HS used to start with C++ now they do Java hope that helps.
So C++ is on the way out?
Do any of yall know Python?
LASLU said:
Im currently in my first year at uni and we started with java which is also my first programming language, Java is quite a nice language to start with syntax can be a bit long and tedious when your first starting with it but you will get used to it, so Java would be nice to start of with for an object orientated language.

Also this guy is awesome he has tons of videos http://www.youtube.com/user/thenewboston He has very nice videos but don't completely rely on his tutorials follow a book too, any beginners book should be fine.

Hope that helps

Btw are you currently at uni or are you about to start?
thanks :hat:

but I'm currently in Grade 11 actually but I want a headstart on programming, and want to be able to do well in the programming competition next year. I plan on going to Uni in about a year from September so I do have awhile to learn these. Did you know no languages before you went into Uni or did you just know the basics and you went from there?
Mayhew said:
Yes, and it's a great way to learn how to program. Don't worry about what language to start with. Pick one that gets out of your way and lets you focus on learning programming. When you can program you can pick up any language that uses a paradigm you already know easily.

Languages are easy, thinking like a programmer is what you need to get down. I recommend these learning resources if you're serious about programming.

Thank you :hat:
almighty1 said:
Question - does he make money ? :D lol

a lot and I'm jellly :okay:

He got an offer from Facebook right out of university (he did a co-op placement there during school) starting at 90k a year. He took a job at some newer company doe.
Sean said:
Does he make more money from the newer company?
Don't think so, but he enjoys the work there a lot more and since he was only there 5th employee he has potential to learn more and be high up in the company when it grows.

It's successful enough tho, it got an 50 million dollar offer from a group of software/internet giants in Silicon Valley I believe.
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