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Any Programmers?

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Just wondering if there is any experienced programmers on KTT who could give some advice/tips regarding programming.

Software Engineering is a post secondary field I'm strongly considering and want to start programming.

So any advice? Like, what languages to start with? Best tutorials/books?

I was thinking of starting with C++, Java, Python maybe? Is that not a good idea, too advanced to start with or what? I know languages aren't just a two week book think and your done, your always learning them, gaining more knowledge. I would just like to know where the best place to start for someone like me with 0 programming experience at this point. Anything would be appreciated..

also I think it would be cool to develop some Apps (ioS) /Flash/Indie Games, so any tips on that would be welcome!

Probably won't get any replies but o well!

Oh and if someone knows of a great programming forum/website that would be more helpful to me than KTT, feel free to share :)
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You should start by learning some basics like HTML & CSS.

Try downloading the trial version of Expression Web 3( its on microsoft's site). Its a website creation software that introduces you to HTML and its easy to use. It lets you design pages as if it was a Word document but also lets you see the coding that goes behind it. Im currently taking a class on it. After that go more in depth into HTML/CSS and build your way up into C++ & Javascript. I highly recommend it.

Im studying Computer Developing, which is pretty much this. Im currently taking a class on Expression Web & its pretty easy. I know a bit of HTML so far thanks to this. The next  class I'll be taking is Web Programming I which is based on learning HTML & CSS.
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jreed91 said:
I've never used that, is anything like dreamweaver? If it is I wouldn't recommend it. You should learn the basics of HTML first by just using a plain text editor so you understand the concepts. Then you should move on to a program to help speed up your workflow.
Ive never used dreamweaver

I think its nice for an intro because it shows the coding while at the same time it lets you design the page youself. Before I took this class I hardly new about HTML but its prepared me for the 'actualy' HTML class. thats just me :dno:
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jreed91 said:
Nice, what are you going into?
what is javascript about btw? I'll be taking it the class in a few months
moneyman232 said:
It's a scripting language for Web, a tier below something like Java, but it can really expand what you can do with a website
is it hard to learn?
moneyman232 said:
In my opinion no, Javascript is I think the fourth language i had to become familiar with for work. If you have any basis in another high level language it's a breeze to learn. The good thing about something like Javascript is that the syntax and rules are extremely close to Java, so if you know one you already have an idea of how the other works.
you said its for websites, so I assume its blended in with with HTML & CSS?
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ZimmerMAN said:
Learn in this order OP

1. html / Css
3. php
4.sql or database language
5. c++

after that you can pretty much adapt to any language out there , it just becomes a syntax difference

i actually developed a CMS for a insurance company
I know some SQL

UPDATE [Guitars].[dbo].[Table_1.Customer]
SET CustomerName = 'Mike Dean'
WHERE CustomerID = 011


FROM Guitars.dbo.[Table_1.Customer]

I had to do an assignment on a guitar shop for my SQL class
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moneyman232 said:
Yea it is, generally Javascript ends up being the guts of a site if it's more complex than a basic site that just needs working links. Javascript is used alot in Forms, like sign up or anything else that might require an action to happen.

For example the sign up page for KTT probably uses Javascript to verify inputs match  or meet certain criteria. Where HTML/CSS would be the body, Javascript would be the Brain.
hmmm sounds nice

I took an SQL class before I began with my Expression Web 3 class. Is javascript similar to the commands in sql?
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ZimmerMAN said:

javascript runs on your browser
sql is a database
so the scripting on each is completely different?
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jreed91 said:
I can't believe the amount of CS classes you guys are taking in hs. All I had was html. I start my junior year in college next year and am going into management information systems. Im taking my first CS class next year.
lol, im in my first year of college. Started last august
moneyman232 said:
Far from it actually...SQL is a relational language and until you get into nested queries is pretty simple. Doing an operation in Javascript similar to your SQL above would look completely different, hard to explain but once you start learning Javascript you'll see what im talking about right away.
alright, so to learn javascript its good to know HTML before hand?
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I start my HTML class in a week & a half
alright it took me a while to finish some hw the professor assigned. I got the coding but I had some issues with the footer.
Alright second week of HTML class, getting the hang of it :)
whats the tag for a horizontal line?

is it:

</hr> ?
I spent the entire day doing HTML homework
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