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Any Programmers?

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Just wondering if there is any experienced programmers on KTT who could give some advice/tips regarding programming.

Software Engineering is a post secondary field I'm strongly considering and want to start programming.

So any advice? Like, what languages to start with? Best tutorials/books?

I was thinking of starting with C++, Java, Python maybe? Is that not a good idea, too advanced to start with or what? I know languages aren't just a two week book think and your done, your always learning them, gaining more knowledge. I would just like to know where the best place to start for someone like me with 0 programming experience at this point. Anything would be appreciated..

also I think it would be cool to develop some Apps (ioS) /Flash/Indie Games, so any tips on that would be welcome!

Probably won't get any replies but o well!

Oh and if someone knows of a great programming forum/website that would be more helpful to me than KTT, feel free to share :)
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Aaronious said:
Do any of yall know Python?
Yes, and it's a great way to learn how to program. Don't worry about what language to start with. Pick one that gets out of your way and lets you focus on learning programming. When you can program you can pick up any language that uses a paradigm you already know easily.

Languages are easy, thinking like a programmer is what you need to get down. I recommend these learning resources if you're serious about programming.

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It works either way, doesn't it?
Yes, but using it like

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