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Any Programmers?

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Just wondering if there is any experienced programmers on KTT who could give some advice/tips regarding programming.

Software Engineering is a post secondary field I'm strongly considering and want to start programming.

So any advice? Like, what languages to start with? Best tutorials/books?

I was thinking of starting with C++, Java, Python maybe? Is that not a good idea, too advanced to start with or what? I know languages aren't just a two week book think and your done, your always learning them, gaining more knowledge. I would just like to know where the best place to start for someone like me with 0 programming experience at this point. Anything would be appreciated..

also I think it would be cool to develop some Apps (ioS) /Flash/Indie Games, so any tips on that would be welcome!

Probably won't get any replies but o well!

Oh and if someone knows of a great programming forum/website that would be more helpful to me than KTT, feel free to share :)
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So I want to be like a game programmer, like apps for like 360 games. Is this what you guys talking about?
I want to learn to program, develop some Apps (ioS), Flash/Indie Games. I'm getting a Mac this summer. What language should I learn first? Also do programmers make good money ?
zombie hungry said:
its impossible to jump into apps right away tbh

Objective C (Used for iOS) is pretty complex and you cant learn it as your first language.

Try C++ first (if you're having difficulty there, C first) then work your way up
Ok I have a while to learn it because I'm going to community college cause i fucked around too much so that means i have another like 2 years before I go into like my real college. Is flash games hard like games on new grounds and stuff.
I used to go on this site called BYOND

"is a free software suite for creating and playing online games." "BYOND provides users with a set of tools for creating online games with its pre-built network structure, GUI, sprite animator, map editor, code editor, dedicated server tools, game hub listing, scoreboards, achievements, and cross-game account support."

I guess it's like a made up language and idk I could like code all day and not be bored. Idk if that count as experiance, but i like creating things and customizing stuff. Idk if its similar to real programming but heres an example

        world << "Hello world!"
Is it hard to land job in this field? Does a programmer make good money? And you when you become a programmer, you join a team right? With like the artists and shit like that, for how much money the game makes do you separate it with everyone ?
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