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Any drugs give better physical pleasure than orgasm?

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I have always wondered this, never have i taken any sort of drugs. not even weed. anything

the two most pleasureful PHYSICAL feelings i have felt are

1) orgasm
2) a nice massage

are there any drugs out there that make u physically feel better than busting a nut? if so what ones, and share experiences
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Lipton Lion said:
compare it to an orgasm please
As someone who does percs regularly

Percs >>>>> orgasm.

It lasts hours, just makes you so happy mentally. Body wise you feel so warm, like someone just put a fluffy blanket in the oven and then wrapped all your insides in it

Kinda tired but not really.
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Lipton Lion said:
that incredible feeling you get for 2-5 seconds when u bust a nut, is that feeling topped? or are u saying percs are better because it lasts long
Percs are better because it lasts longer.

Orgasm is the single best feeling. But percocets are amazing cause they don't feel as good, like an 8/10 feeling but for HOURS.

Orgasm is 10/10
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Lipton Lion said:
what if u bust a nut whilst on a perc  o_O
Still feels like an orgasm. Doesn't turn into a super nut :dead:

poppin a perc don't make your peanut into a walnut
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