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Am I the only one....

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that thinks kanye ruined Mercy. :sonicshrug: its a great song, but his part just ruins it for me tbh.. Might be the only song Kanye has ever ruined. :cryfam:
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I honestly LOVE beat switches in songs.....but the way Kanye did it in this song was just awful, he tried to have one of his "musical genius" moments(which normally is a success) and failed this time....

like look at Dont Stop, Fancy, Murder To Excellence, GREAT BEAT CHANGES, still Hip Hop and it didnt sound FORCED...

there's no problem with combining genres in a song (like he does really well in MBDTF) but mixing Trap Music with Pop/House?  :vom:
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RFDNS said:
i love the 2nd half of Fancy :allears:
Ikr, so beautiful :allears:
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