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Am I the only one....

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that thinks kanye ruined Mercy. :sonicshrug: its a great song, but his part just ruins it for me tbh.. Might be the only song Kanye has ever ruined. :cryfam:
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I think it's a popular opinion that Yeezy's verse was misplaced and weak. Honestly I like it's placement (the first beat switch isn't very smooth though, but when it returns to 2 Chainz it fucking kills so good). I like Kanye's flow on it alot and some his lines were just as corny as Big Sean ("white girls politicin', that's that Sarah Palin") or 2 Chainz ("cut your girl, now your girl need a band-aid") was throwing around, though I think he has the second weakest verse next to 2 Chainz (which has some great one-liners but as a whole it's really unmemorable for me).
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